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Sandwich Formula


If you've read my breakfast book, you should remember that I've mentioned a high-quality breakfast should include adequate carbohydrates, ensure a sufficient protein content, and consider the addition of dietary fiber. This ensures that the breakfast is not only nutritionally balanced but also filling and healthy. The versatile formula for sandwiches also strictly adheres to these principles. In addition to the conventional and Hong Kong-style sandwiches, there are also some healthier, low-sauce, and low-calorie options. The use of bread is also switched to whole wheat toast or pumpkin toast.

The inspiration for this series of sandwiches came during my pregnancy when my blood sugar levels were critical. The nutritionist advised consuming low-glycemic foods, so it was recommended to avoid foods that could cause blood sugar fluctuations, such as congee, noodles, and white bread. Whole wheat toast became one of the few options allowed. As a certified foodie, eating well is crucial for me, and I cannot compromise the taste! So, the challenge during that time was how to make whole wheat toast more delicious.

What kind of sandwiches did I make? I will share each one with you one by one.

They are definitely delicious and healthy, satisfying and beautiful to eat!

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