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Titanium Chef Baker(KVC85.004SI)

由即日起至2022年5月31日, 註冊悠樂煮廚會員即可以76折優惠價*直接購買KENWOOD最新推出的Titanium Chef Baker 廚師機KVC85.004SI (零售價$6,588)一台。優惠期間,成功購買廚師機的會員更將免費獲贈價值港幣488的【經典白吐司】線上課程一堂(導師:Cynthia)。


*註 : 以上優惠須受有關條款及細則約束


13 September 2021

GROHE Cooking Workshop

Over the past year, with the ongoing pandemic and having a child, I've been particularly mindful of reducing dining out. Most of the time, I cook at home, turning meal planning into a daily routine and sometimes a challenge for me as a mom. From home-cooked dishes to Western, Korean, and Japanese cuisine, I've explored a variety of culinary delights.

Recently, I've been gradually experimenting with vegetarian cuisine, primarily within the realm of Chinese cooking. To my pleasant surprise, I received an invitation from the German brand GROHE to attend their cooking workshop. In a classroom equipped with innovative kitchen tools, I learned to prepare healthy and delicious vegan pasta. It was a delightful experience practicing sustainable eating habits and contributing a small effort to the future of our planet and the next generation.

8 June 2021

Omniseafood Launch Campaign

I am delighted to have been invited to attend the Green Monday product launch, witnessing the birth of new plant-based seafood on World Ocean Day. Tasting the exquisite creations of top chefs has truly expanded my culinary horizons.

The unstoppable development of plant-based protein is providing humanity with more choices. In the current context of ocean pollution and overfishing, the new plant-based fish fillet is indistinguishable from real fish meat in terms of appearance, texture, and taste. Its high substitutability is remarkable.

In addition to various cooking recipes and techniques, also hopes to bring you a wider range of ingredient choices and information on food trends. Let's share the good stuff together!

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